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  • 09/30/2021 9:17 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    While the eviction moratorium has been in place, landlords have had to provide a 15-day notification for missed rent and this will still be the case for any rent that was due before Sept. 30. However, for rent that comes due after Oct. 1 landlords will now once again be able to provide tenants who have missed rent with a traditional three-day pay or quit notice.

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  • 09/30/2021 9:10 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Only Phil Brock and Oscar de la Torre attended the forum arranged by downtown property owner John Alle to address solutions to the problems caused by the homeless in Santa Monica.

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  • 09/30/2021 9:09 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Brock said he sees little risk in a move that reflects "the will of the residents," who oppose a "huge allotment" of new housing in Santa Monica that would "change the character of the city."

    The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation, Brock said, "is tremendously higher than out past RHNA requirements, and it seems there has been controversy about this for the last year and a half."

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  • 09/30/2021 9:07 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    They include the suspension of water shutoffs for nonpayment of water bills and the adoption for enforcement of Los Angeles County public health orders.

    They also include planning-related orders that set time limits on loud construction activities and extend deadlines for planning and permit-related activities.

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  • 09/30/2021 9:00 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    As part of a long-term plan to transform the Promenade into a more vibrant, unique and experiential destination, City Council altered zoning ordinances to help bring a host of new business types to the Promenade.

    The new permissible land uses include childcare services, pet stores, hotels, medical and dental offices, tattoo parlors, cinemas and theaters, convention centers and general personal services. The zoning changes also gives businesses more flexibility to utilize rooftop, second floor and alleyway spaces.

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  • 09/29/2021 10:11 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The measure, Assembly Bill 787, is expected to incentivize local governments to adopt an innovative “missing middle” program that converts market-rate complexes into middle-income housing in exchange for property tax breaks.

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  • 09/29/2021 10:08 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    L.A. County Supervisors on Tuesday passed a motion that allows both tenants and businesses to have some type of limited legal defense.

    "These protections don't prohibit evictions, I think it's important for people to understand. They essentially provide both residential and commercial tenants with a defense if your landlord files an eviction with the courts," says Kuehl.

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  • 09/29/2021 9:54 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    But the current bleak scenario does create a window of opportunity for a “new deal.” After reviewing the Promenade 3.0 presentation as a whole, its themes for a reinvention and new vision are both exciting and lofty goals for change, but this needs to be followed up with a realistic step-by-step direction with a strategically defined implementation plan.

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  • 09/29/2021 9:39 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    According to the City of Santa Monica, applications are still being accepted, and Santa Monica tenants and landlords are encouraged to apply before the state eviction moratorium expires on September 30, 2021.

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  • 09/29/2021 8:12 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Rents in Santa Monica rose slightly in September, marking the ninth straight monthly increase, according to Apartment List's latest report released Tuesday.

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