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Useful Information
1.) Santa Monica Retrofit Information
2.) Choosing a Structural Engineer
  • Structural Engineer screening form can be found here (ACTION members only)
  • License check can be found here
3.) Consumer’s Guide to Hiring an Architect
  • Architect screening form can be found here (ACTION members only)
  • License check can be found here
5.) Architects, Contractors, and Engineers
Professionals doing business in the city of Los Angeles.
Disclaimer: This is for information only. Listing does not imply endorsement. 

6.) Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program

Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) was developed to help homeowners lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake.

Learn More:


    List of Potentially Vulnerable Buildings in Santa Monica

    Inclusion of a building on this list is not confirmation that the building is structurally deficient, hazardous or unsafe.

    A searchable map of properties can be found here 

    A searchable list of properties can be found here

    Alternatively, please E-mail Elaine at with your property address.

    For more information, visit the city of Santa Monica seismic retrofit webpage.

    See also the “News” tab for additional articles.

    Version 1.0 updated as of 6/5/2017

    • 10/11/2017 9:33 AM | ACTION (Administrator)

      All seismic retrofit projects will be required to use Santa Monica's new electronic document review system called ProjectDox aka ePlans. This system is in use in over 150 cities and counties. It uses templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps to automate the planning process. (The traditional over-the-counter system may still be used for most smaller, non-retrofit repair projects.)  So check with you project professionals whether they possess the technical skills necessary to use this system and whether the cost of using it will be included in their bid.


      ePlans is a web based electronic plan and document workflow system that allows users and city staff to initiate and complete the development plan submission, payment, review, and approval process online as opposed to a manual, paper based process.


      It creates an online, virtual project workspace which enables people from many different locations and disciplines to share the same information at the same time, facilitating communication and increasing  productivity. Here’s what it does to enable online project information management:

                      · All the shared project information (documents, drawings, annotations, and project email) is centralized in one location so it becomes visible, accessible and usable by everyone who has been invited to the project

                      · The interface makes “power tools” available for users of varying skill sets

                      · It enables multiple users access to the same information at the same  time, enhancing team collaboration   

                      · Automation features ensure that when actions take place in the workspace, those who need the updated information can be informed immediately

                      · Tools for interacting with information, such as view and markups, online  discussions, and group email, make interacting with information timely, meaningful  and productive for the whole team

                      · Complete details of all workspace activity are recorded, comprising a complete audit trail for documents, emails, forms,  annotations and markups,  and more.


      Steps to submit your plan check application:

      Complete Plan Check/Permit Application. To do this you will need to download and print out the application: (


      Submit the completed application as an attachment by email to:

      Allow 24 hours (1 business day) for application processing. Applicants will receive an invitation via email on how to proceed with your project.


      Instructions for using ePlans

      ePlans FAQs - Frequently asked questions about the ePlans system and help with troubleshooting:


      New User Guide - Information for accessing and uploading documents into the ePlans system:


      Brava Viewer - Commenting tools and printing/publishing instructions:


      Guide to using ProjectDox (ePlans) with Internet Explorer 10:


      Guide to using ProjectDox (ePlans) with Internet Explorer 11:


      Video tutorials will be available on the City's Planning and Development website:

      Click on the Plans and Projects tab.

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