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Question: Are earthquake retrofit loans available?

Answer: Yes, click here to see one option.  Page 1 | Page 2

Another option is the Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program. Click here

Question: When is the next Members’ Meeting?

Answer: Click on Calendar. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month

Question: What should I do as a housing provider?

Answer: Read Rosario's 20 great things to do as a housing provider.  Click here to read

Question: Where can I get the booklet about lead-based paint?

Answer:  The booklet is called: The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right. It is available online. Click here

Question: Where can I get the “lead” booklet that must be given to new tenants?

Answer:  The booklet is called: Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home. It is available online. Click here

Question: What are the Section 8 Rent Maximum Rents?

Answer:  Currently the levels are:

 Unit Size  Current Max Rent
 0 Bedrooms           $1,512         
 1 Bedroom  $1,930
 2 Bedrooms  $2,640
 3 Bedrooms  $3,366
 4 Bedrooms  $3,366

For more information see the Section 8 FAQ

Question: When was the Bed Bug notification due to the tenants?

Answer:  Forms were due by January 1, 2018. The form is available online. Click here

Question: Is My Tenant Making Money Renting My Property for Home Sharing?

Answer:  Check the Santa Monica Home Sharing Registry. Use the search bar on the top right side of the Home Sharing Registry (It has a small magnifying glass and says: Find in this Dataset) by putting in your street name only. Then press the Enter key.

If your property is on a numbered street, type it in with NO spaces...for example...14th – it won't work if you type in 14 th. For the Registry, click here

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