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  • 07/19/2024 8:42 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Once the meeting finally started, much of the questioning revolved around both housing and transportation issues, including Brock being asked if he was “happy” with the City needing to be compliant with its 2021-2029 Housing Element, which aims for 8,874 new housing units (69% of which must be at various affordable income levels). Brock noted that the City has “doubled” the amount of market-rate units they’ve been required to build already, and the Mayor attempted to temper his displeasure with the process.

    Brock stated that rapid construction is “going to lose the character of our neighborhoods” and make Santa Monica “a different city,” likening it to Santa Monica High School tearing down its History Building to modernize campus, where students “will have a new experience.” Regardless if he likes the changes, he added, it wasn’t necessarily up to him.

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  • 07/17/2024 12:39 PM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

     Judge Ford issued his Statement of Decision, ruling in favor of the Barrington Plaza Tenants Association. This ruling stops the evictions of the remaining tenants however, the compensation that will be awarded to the tenants is still to be determined.

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  • 07/17/2024 12:03 PM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The four candidates backed by Santa Monica's political establishment wasted no time pulling nomination papers this week after winning early endorsements from two major groups.

    College Trustee Barry Snell picked up the paperwork from the City Clerk Tuesday, one day after his running mates -- Ellis Raskin, Natalya Zernitskaya and Dan Hall -- threw their hats in the ring.

    Rent Control Board Chair Ericka Lesley, who failed to win the backing of SMRR and the Dem Club, has not pulled papers.

    In the race for two open seats on the Rent Control Board, Kay Ambriz, who was appointed to the five-member board last month, pulled papers on Monday, along with community volunteer Phillis Dudick.

    No incumbents will be seeking reelection after Board member Anastasia Foster pulled nomination papers to run for one of three open seats on the College Board.

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  • 07/17/2024 12:00 PM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Santa Monica was ranked the second worst city in the U.S. for first-time home buyers, according to an analysis of 300 cities by WalletHub released Tuesday.

    Only Berkeley ranked lower in the yearly report,

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  • 07/16/2024 9:42 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Pulling papers for Santa Monica City Council, with four seats up for grabs for four-year terms, were the following candidates: Whitney Bain, Lawrence Doherty Jr., Stephen Garr, Dan Hall, Janet McLaughlin, Manju Raman, Ellis Raskin and Natalya Zernitskaya.

    Though not as hectic as the Council race, the three other elected offices had candidates pull papers as well. Both Kay Ambriz and Phillis Dudick put their hat into the race for the Rent Control Board, with two seats available for four-year terms.

    In educational office races, former Rent Control Board Chair Anastasia Foster was the lone name thus far to pull papers for the SMMUSD Board of Education race, with three seats available for four-year terms. For the Santa Monica College Board, Christine Falaguerra pulled papers alongside SMMUSD Board of Education President Jennifer Smith and Board Vice President Jon Kean.

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  • 07/16/2024 9:38 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    “If every time you go to the grocery store, or gas station, or bus stop, or just for a walk, it’s very hard to focus on anything else. If someone is screaming at you, or threatening you, or chasing you, at that moment nothing else matters. We can’t find solutions to other problems, including things like overdevelopment, until we fix this safety crisis,” McLaughlin said.

    “And that includes the people who live in the streets being harmed by both drugs and violent predators. We have to come together as citizens, and elected officials. I have friends on both sides of the fence, and I genuinely like people on both sides of the fence. Because I listen, and because I truly care,” she said.

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  • 07/16/2024 8:52 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The City Attorney's legal evaluation of the landmark decision -- which paves the way for municipalities to penalize the homeless for camping on public land -- could inform City policy, said Negrete, co-sponsored the item with Councilmember Oscar de la Torre.

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  • 07/15/2024 10:04 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    This year, nominations open on Monday, July 15 and are scheduled to run through August 9. That date may be extended through August 14 for a specific office if at least one incumbent in that office declines to run for reelection. Eligible candidates must be US citizens, at least 18 years old on or before Election Day, and registered voters in the jurisdiction when Nomination Papers are issued.

    The first opportunity to pull papers will be at a Candidate Workshop on July 15 at 10 a.m. in City Hall Council Chamber (Room 250). Individuals who cannot make the meeting can make appointments with city staff to receive their paperwork.

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  • 07/15/2024 9:59 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    This was particularly notable given the increasing development that has already occurred in the last few years. Had we stuck to our water sustainability plan and reached zero imports by 2023, we would have reached full potential seismic survivability in water independence. However,

    when the State crammed 9000 new units in the next 8 years into our built-out City, our water sustainability plan blew out the window. Our potential seismic shortfall ballooned from about 25% to about 35%. 

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  • 07/12/2024 3:37 PM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    According to a new report by RentCafe, Western Los Angeles County, which includes Santa Monica, was deemed the “least competitive” market for apartment rentals out of California metro areas. This was determined by factors like the average apartment vacancy time before being rented out, the amount of prospective renters for a place, as well as lease renewal rate.

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