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  • 10/18/2021 8:22 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    What happens when a City runs out of water? You have already heard of the torture endured by communities in the Central Valley that ran out of water, but we already have had a recent example of a nearby wealthy California coastal community that ran out of water. In 2014, under a punishing drought, the 14,000 residents of Montecito simply ran out of water. Their local wells and reservoirs were running dry and since they didn’t have access to the equally stressed California aqueduct system, they were facing catastrophc failure.  They ordered water rationing, a draconian 30% cut in water use enforced by fines, stopped issuing building permits, and banned new pools and spas or refilling existing ones with City water. This is where the story gets instructive for Santa Monica. 

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  • 10/18/2021 8:20 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The City of Santa Monica is moving forward with a new program to place 100 people who are currently in temporary shelters into permanent housing thus freeing up 100 shelter beds for others who are in need of them. It is called the 100 Homes Initiative. This initiative will be funded by the disbursement of housing vouchers from HUD from the American Rescue Plan

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  • 10/18/2021 8:10 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The draft report regarding the OIR Group's findings concerning the Police Department's response to the the May 31, 2020 protests, which included unchecked rioting and looting, was approved on a 5-4 vote, falling one vote short of the threshold needed.

    Public Safety Reform and Oversight Commission (PSROC) Chair George Brown on Friday morning informed the Council that the commission was "unable to meet its obligations."

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  • 10/18/2021 8:09 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

     The City Council on Tuesday voted to authorize a five-year $700,000 contract with the OIR Group to serve as Inspector General for the newly formed police oversight commission.

    The consulting firm -- which produced a report on the Police Department's response to the May 31, 2019 riots -- will provide the Commission with information needed to conduct investigations and develop recommendations, City staff said.

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  • 10/15/2021 9:00 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The housing plan highlights include:

    Amending the Zoning Ordinance to establish a 100% affordable housing overlay for moderate-income (up to 120% AMI) housing projects in the downtown area and Bergamot area and the immediate area around the 17th Street E-Line station;

    Incentivizing affordable housing development on surface parking lots of residentially zoned sites adjacent to commercial-fronting boulevards and parking lots of community assembly uses, such as churches;

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  • 10/15/2021 8:46 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The City Attorney has hired outside counsel to help fight a lawsuit filed by Councilmember Oscar de la Torre claiming he is being illegally excluded from deliberations on the voting rights lawsuit.

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  • 10/14/2021 9:32 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    City Manager David White announced the selection of Ramon Batista, Jr., a 35-year law enforcement leader to join the City of Santa Monica as chief of police. Chief Batista comes to Santa Monica from Mesa, Arizona’s third-largest city, where he served as police chief. Before that time, he spent 30 years rising through the ranks of the Tucson Police Department, including two years as assistant chief of police. 

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  • 10/14/2021 9:26 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Approved on a 5 to 2 vote, the Housing Element Update provides a road map for building 8,895 housing units over the next eight years, more than two-thirds of them affordable.

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  • 10/13/2021 9:13 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    After 18 months of interim leadership, David White has taken the helm as the permanent City Manager of Santa Monica.

    White brings with him five years of experience as the City Manager of Fairfield and two years of experience as the Deputy City Manager of Berkeley, where he recently relocated from.

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  • 10/13/2021 9:11 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The final Environmental Impact Report for the state-ordered addition of 8,895 new housing units to Santa Monica over the next 8 years reveals the projection of significant and unavoidable impacts on air quality, historic resources, fire protection services, education, recreational facilities, water sustainability, and Vehicle Miles Traveled thresholds.

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